iWawa is a kids mode application. With iWawa pre-installed, your tablet is not only a tablet that can be played by adults, but also a kid tablet that kids can use easily and safely. It can make your tablet more valuable! Any question please contact with us: support@iwawakids.com
Evaluation From EAS:

iWawa is not in itself educational, but provides a way of making an Android device safe for children to use, meaning they can access educational and entertaining apps and websites without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate. The whole app has been really well designed to be easy and useful for the adult sharing their Android device, as well as being fun and feature rich for the children to use.

The system allows children to do so many different things, and for so many settings to be customized, that it could be used for children from a very young age and yet be flexible enough to allow older children to take part in a range of activities on the Android.