To iWawa Users

So far, many parents find iWawa is a safe place for their kids, which encourages us very much. Various kids themes/ front pages have been successfully made true, allowing kids to customize their front page. iWawa will continue to improve.

Here we have to extend thanks to those users who ever mailed us about advancing functions, fixing bugs, offering voluntary help in language translation and other suggestion and review, thank you. We are not alone, so many friends caring about safe environment and joining us to establish a better iWawa.
Thank you!

Why Is iWawa?
In Chinese pronunciation, “Wawa” 娃娃 means “Baby”, “i” means “love”, the name iWawa contains our loving care and desire to protect kids environment. In the path to giving kids funny, educational and safe place, iWawa’s duty is loving baby, making happy family!
Contact Us
If you have any question when using iWawa, or if you want to develop a partnership, please contact us.
Company Name: Shenzhen iWawa Technology CO.,LTD
Address:Room 202, Bld. F13, F518 Idea Land, Baoyuan Road, Bao`an District, Shenzhen, China
Tel: +86-755-23727237
iWawa (Kids Mode & Parental Control) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.